The Value of Replacing Your Garage Door

July 23, 2019

We've all seen it. The house with a gorgeous exterior, the color of the home, the perfect contrast of the trim around the windows and door, beautiful landscaping, a welcoming front door but...the garage is an eyesore. The garage door stands out like a sore thumb, old, outdated, dirty, broken, or completely at odds with the style of the rest of the house. And no matter how good looking the rest of the house is, your eye is drawn to that ugly garage door.

And it makes sense that you can't keep your eyes off of it! The garage door is the biggest single element of your home's exterior. And it might seem trivial but when you put so much care into the rest of your home, it can pay off to also invest in a modern and stylish garage door. And this isn't simply for vanity, there are real benefits to updating your garage door.

Increase the Value of Your Home - Have you heard the term "curb appeal?" It's based on the value of your home based on what it looks like from how most people will see your home, standing outside on the street or driving by. Your home's curb appeal might not mean anything to you but it actually adds to (or lessens) the value of your home. And if almost ? of what is seen and included in your home's curb appeal is your garage door, a new and stylish garage door will immediately increase that curb appeal and thus the value of your home. In Remodeling magazine's 2019 Cost vs. Value Report, garage door replacement is one of the best ways to increase home value and has a national average of 97.5% cost recouped from investment, which also makes it a great choice of projects that will raise the value of your home.

Increase in Security - An old garage is easier to get into, it's as simple as that. Whether your garage door doesn't shut as tightly anymore allowing small gaps of access, you have panels that are broken, or your outdated garage door isn't insulated well and isn't as sturdy and durable, these all make it easier for someone to enter your home. Your garage door is like your front door, just many times bigger. It is an important entry point to your home and an entry point to the space where you tend to store important things. If you are interested in increasing the security of your home, replacing your garage door is always a good idea and shouldn't be overlooked. A new garage door will seal tightly, with no weaknesses that allow someone to break in. A new garage door can also come with a new garage door opener system, built with safety and security in mind.

Increase in Energy Efficiency - Outdated garage doors tend to lack proper insulation, making it very easy for heat to pass through, to leave in the winter and enter in the summer, neither of which are welcome for maintaining a comfortable temperature in your home. On top of that, this means you're spending more money on your energy bill because your heater or AC unit has to work harder to keep the temperature stable. If heat is escaping through your garage door and through the cracks and gaps along its border, you are literally wasting energy and wasting money. New garage doors are energy-efficient and come with different levels of insulation, depending on your climate and needs. Save money, make your home greener and more environmentally friendly, and you get the added bonus of increasing the value of your home even more.

Precision Garage Door of Salt Lake can help you find the perfect door to replace your old one and we will professionally install it. Whether you prefer a traditional, carriage house, or contemporary style door, we can take your garage door from functional to fashionable. We will help you find the right material, color, window, and trim package to fit your budget and we haul away and recycle your old garage door. Contact us today to get started on getting your dream garage door!

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