The Benefits of Annual Maintenance

September 14, 2016

Your garage door is a serious piece of equipment. Large and heavy, with moving parts, which, just like your car, requires regular maintenance and will reward you greatly when you show it some extra love. There are many ways to take care of your garage door, from just making sure you keep the tracks free of debris to quick weekly inspections, but in reality, simply scheduling an annual checkup is usually enough.

Less Costs in the Long Run

Sticking to a regular annual maintenance schedule gives you the chance to catch problems before they become a much bigger deal, which will save you big time down the road. An excellent example of this is a misaligned track or a damaged spring or cable that can break and cause real damage beyond just replacement of the worn part.

Seasonal Benefits

There's nothing quite as terrible as getting stuck outside during bad weather. A great way to avoid this is to schedule your yearly maintenance before the more drastic part of the year. For example, since Salt Lake City gets both fairly hot in the summer and cold in the winter, it would be advisable to schedule your maintenance in either the spring or fall to avoid any mishaps that could leave you stranded in the elements.

Increased Lifespan

Taking the time to have your garage door inspected will save wear and tear on your door thus significantly reducing problems that will affect its longevity. Lubrication of hinges and other moving parts will greatly increase the lifespan of these parts and inspection of the actual door for dings and scratches will help you to prevent rust and deterioration.

Safe Functioning

Perhaps the most important benefit of yearly maintenance is the peace of mind you will get from knowing your garage door is as safe as possible. Ensuring the safety eyes are aligned properly and that your springs and cables are free from rust or ware will keep you and your family safe and sound.

At Precision Door Service, we offer an excellent yearly maintenance program that will ensure your door is running in tip top shape including our signature 25 point safety inspection and any necessary adjustments to the major moving parts of your door such as the springs, bearings, cables, and other hardware. Give us a call today for more details.

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