Improving the Look of Your Garage Door

January 4, 2017

With the start of a new year, the season of projects begins. Many people have made plans to revamp parts of their house, with new paint, new furniture, or a completely new look altogether. And if youíre in the mood to give your home a fresh, new look, then we always recommend giving your garage door a facelift, which always makes your house look brand new from the outside. So here are a few ways that you can easily improve the look of your garage door.

The first tip is an obvious one but we have to say it anyway. If you want your garage to look as good as new, all you might need to do is give it a brand new coat of paint. Whether you use the original color or go with a new color for a brand new look, this will immediately make the garage door and the overall curb appeal of your home look much better. Just make sure to wait for the rainy season to pass because youíll want to give it plenty of time to dry. And pro tip, give the garage door a good cleaning before you paint it.

Instead of a new paint color, you could change the look of the material your door is made of. For an easy DIY project, you can buy certain stains that will give your garage door a convincing faux wood look and wonít take very long to do. Again, just like with a paint job, make sure to really clean the garage door first, and invest in some brushes and a good stain and get to work! Donít forget to add a clear finish when the stain dries to make sure it lasts as long as possible. Youíd be surprised how great this looks when youíre done and all your neighbors will think that you bought a brand new wood garage door for the holidays!

Another tip that will give your garage door a new look is to add windows. In the DIY world, you hear about some homeowners adding faux windows, using paint, and making it look like windows were installed across the top of the door, within the panels. But if you want the real thing, we recommend calling a professional. Windows in your garage door will bring natural light into your garage and will give your door a modern, stylish look.

Weíll leave you with one last tip. There is one way to make your door not only look brand new, but look like you got a door with a completely different style. A lot of homeowners love the carriage house door look and there is an easy way to DIY. You can give it a fresh coat of paint and then head to the hardware store for what you need to create this look. You can buy some decorative garage door pieces, that includes door handles and some classic looking hinges. The hinges will go along the sides of the door and the handles will go in the very center and will instantly make it look like you split the door in two and have a new carriage house door. You can also take it one step further by professionally adding windows or as we mentioned above, adding fake windows with paint. But either way, you will greatly improve the look of your garage door and the entire look of the exterior of your home.

We hope that these tips help you, should you choose to take on the project of renovating your garage door for the new year. But keep in mind that all these tips are only recommended if you need to restore the look of a properly functioning door. If your garage door is old and not functioning as it should, we always recommend investing in a replacement. If thatís the case, keep Precision Door in mind and we would love to help you find your next garage door.

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