Garage Door Accessories

June 29, 2016

Garage doors add loads of convenience to our lives and in a fairly simplistic way. They do their job day after day and when working correctly, you rarely even think about them. For the most part, it is ideal to keep things simple with your garage, but once in awhile an upgrade or two will come along that adds useful features without unnecessary complications. At Precision Door Service of Salt Lake City, our garage door openers are manufactured to be superbly functional all on their own but we do offer a couple of accessories to enhance their features even more.

External Receiver

Many new model cars come equipped with the amazingly convenient HomeLink system. This system simplifies your life by allowing you to open and close your garage door with integrated controls in your car, eliminating the need of a remote. Our external receivers make connecting to HomeLink practically effortless and can be installed in mere minutes.

Battery Backup

Compatible with the PD Synergy 360/370/380, the battery backup system ensures garage door operation AND lighting even during a power outage. Providing 10 to 12 garage door operations over a 24 hour period and the only system that also incorporates lighting, our backup batteries offer you peace of mind when you need it most!

Wireless Keyless Entry Systems

Whether it's kids walking home from school, in-laws visiting, or perhaps you're just doing yard work, there are plenty of circumstances when carrying around your garage door remote just isn't the most convenient. This is where a wireless keyless entry system really comes in handy. Simply mount your keypad and set your four digit code and never worry about getting yourself locked out again.

MyQ Compatible

The hottest thing in home improvement these days seems to be smart home integration. The great thing about most of these systems is their broad spectrum of brand compatibility. You don't need to own a Chamberlain or Liftmaster opener to set up the super cool MyQ system. MyQ has tons of amazing features including the ability to control your garage door right from your cell phone, whether you're at home or across the country, and drastically improve your home's security. And they are fully compatible with Precision Door garage door openers!

If you have questions about these or any other garage door accessories, we are always happy to help! Give our specialists at Precision Door Salt Lake City a call anytime!

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