Turning Your Cell Phone Into a Garage Door Opener

February 29, 2016

These days, your cell phone is an amazing little gadget full of endless possibilities. From simply making calls and texts, to giving you directions to anywhere in the world, tracking your daily step count and playing your favorite music, it seems like your cell phone can do anything. So why not use it as a garage door opener too! Just imagine how convenient that would be. No more worrying about the batteries on your old remote, or whether it's in the right car. That little panicky feeling you get when you're not sure if you left the door open can just go away and the kids won't have to keep track of house keys. For something so handy, youd think it'd be complicated to install, but it really can be quite simple. We've compiled a couple of quick tips to get you started. Here's a breakdown on some of the more common set ups.

Built-in WiFi

If you're newly building or remodeling your garage, most major garage door opener brands offer some kind of system with WiFi capabilities. This is generally the least complicated method, reliable and can be professionally set up when your opener is installed. Just be sure to ask when you are shopping around. They will usually have a companion app to install on your phone which can be shared with all the members of your family.

Stand Alone Remote Opener

If you're not thinking about buying a new opener or replacing your old one, buying a stand alone receiver is much cheaper and not all that complicated. Most will need to be connected to your home's internet and then attached to the old opener itself. The benefit of these systems is their long range capabilities. They can be controlled from an app on your phone from just about anywhere. Great for letting in delivery people or guests when you're not at home and for that all-important secure feeling when you just can't remember if you closed the door when you left for work.

Bluetooth Systems

Perhaps the least expensive of the options is the simple Bluetooth receiver. They are set up similar to the remote openers, but without the need to be connected to a router. They will only work when you're in the Bluetooth range but still offer all of the conveniences that come with not having to use that old clunky clicker in your car. One of the perks of these systems is that they can be set up to automatically open and close when you come into and leave connection range. This option is great for motorcycles and bicycles.

As with all home improvement projects, the system you choose should reflect your individual needs. We hope this helped start you off down the right path and if you need any further assistance, we are always here to help. From Precision Door Salt Lake City, here for all of your garage door needs.

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