Storage Solutions for Your Garage

February 29, 2016

Can you ever really have too much storage space? Of course not. Generally, if it's there, it's full! In the never-ending hunt for more room, a commonly overlooked area is the unused space above your garage door. Off the floor and out of the way, this “dead space” can be ideal holiday decorations, seasonal sporting equipment, ladders, or camping gear. Those lightly used items that you only seem to need once a year or so can really take up a lot of valuable square footage. Moving it up to the free space above your car can give you (and your car) a bit more room to spread out.

But where to start? We are so lucky to live in the time we do. Where just a few years ago, beginning a DIY project like this would require hours of flipping through handyman magazines or trying to hunt down a clerk at your local hardware store, today we have all of the information we need at the touch of a finger. Google, Pinterest, YouTube and the vast array of home improvement sites have made life so much simpler.

There are tons of ideas and methods out there. Whether you're the super handy DIYer or really just want to find something off the shelf to install, there is a solution out there. Here's a couple of sites we've found to get you started down the right path.

Store Bought/Self Installation

When you need something quick and easy or don't really trust your construction skills, you can always find pre made shelving units that you can simply hang yourself. Check out these options we've found at Home Depot. Costco also offers a variety of affordable choices in various sizes.

Built-in Storage Shelf

For you toolbelt sporting types who would like something a bit more customized, we came across this awesome photo tutorial at The Family Handyman. Built for less than $100 in lumber and parts and within the weekend, this suspended storage shelf should hold up to 160 lbs. They do recommend using it primarily for things that aren't used often.

Hanging Tote Rails

For a more everyday usable solution, this tutorial for sliding tote rails is a great option. Hanging beams will allow you to easily move reinforced plastic container in and out when needed.

These are perfect for a little extra organization but should be primarily used for light weight storage.

The most important thing to remember when beginning your project is to be very careful when measuring and pay extra attention to weight limits to avoid doing any damage to your garage door’s parts. And as with all things pertaining to your garage door, we at Precision Door Salt Lake City are always here to be of service. Please give us a call with any questions and for all of your garage door needs!

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