Uses for a 1.5 Size Garage

February 18, 2016

When buying a new home or renovating your current house, the garage is an important piece to the puzzle. Having the right sized garage makes a huge difference when it comes to your familyís all around comfort and well being. One option in garage sizes that is often overlooked is the 1.5 size garage. How do you know if it's right for you? Let's take a closer look.

What Qualifies as a 1.5 Garage?

Technically, a 1.5 garage has an entry width somewhere in the middle of a single and double car garage. It will add around 4-8 feet of additional width to a standard one car garage or approximately 88 -190 added square feet.


An convenient quality of a slightly larger garage is the greater ease of parking in general. This particularly holds true when you drive a larger vehicle such as a pickup truck or an SUV. The added space on the sides of your car will alleviate the stress of parking in a tight space and help to avoid costly door dings.

Storage Space

A great way to keep your belongings close but still out of the way. The ability to add some garage shelving is the epitome of convenience in any home. Whether you use it as a space to store the lawn mower, a safe spot for your mountain bike, or just a place to put your holiday decorations, there's nothing quite like just having the space if you need it.

At Home Workspace

For those of us who enjoy getting our hands a little dirty, some extra room in the garage is a necessity. A storage place for tools or a place to work on your car out of the elements is one of the many uses for a 1.5 garage. Keep those expensive tools safely put away and close to where you'll be using them or install a handy workbench to make your projects go a bit smoother.

Hope these ideas made your decision a bit easier. However you choose to use your garage, please contact Precision Door of Salt Lake City so we can fit and install the best garage door for you. We can fit single and double car garage doors, as well as doors for 1.5 size garages.

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