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October 14, 2016

Next time you feel bummed about having to clean your dusty old garage out, be thankful that it's not three stories high! Celebrities have long had a fascination with classic automobiles and some have taken their collecting far enough to warrant luxurious garages to house them in. These are just a few of some over the top, famous garages of the stars!

Jerry Seinfeld

It's not always easy being a car connoisseur when you live in New York City. For us average Joes, it can be nearly impossible to park just one car, let alone an entire collection of priceless Porches. Jerry Seinfeld knows the struggle, which is why he had a custom three story garage built beneath the city just blocks from his Central Park West home. Stealthily camouflaged by a simple facade, this “garage” has enough climate controlled space to house up to 47 vehicles and that's not even counting the bonus 844 square foot living area included. Featuring white terrazzo floors, custom cabinetry, an industrial elevator, a kitchen, bathrooms and billiard room, Mr. Seinfeld’s garage is more extravagant than most New Yorkers actual home's.

Jay Leno

When you think celebrity car collector, you think Jay Leno. As a lover of all things with wheels, this late night comedian houses his collection in an impressive 17,000 square foot space he calls his “Big Dog” garage. In southern California, spread across two buildings and featuring a full machine shop, fabrication shop, and kitchen, it is here Leno keeps his 200 cars and 117 motorcycles, each one kept in working order! From steam powered motors to the the hybrid P1 and even a Chrysler Turbine jet car, Mr. Lenos shop surely blurs the line between garage and museum.

Ralph Lauren

As a fashion designer, it's no surprise Ralph Lauren appreciates the form of his extravagant collection of automobiles just as much as their function and displays them in a manner that fully emphasizes their beauty. Housing some of the rarest vehicles in the world, some estimated to be worth upwards of 30 to 40 million dollars, Ralph's garage, or should we say garages, feel much more like an art gallery. Needless to say, you won't find any oil spills on the floor of the D. A. D. (an acronym for his children’s names) Garage in Atlanta.

John Travolta

There's insane garages and then there's John Travolta's. John might not have a museum of vintage rides, but he does have a Gulfstream and Boeing 707. Featuring a 1.4 mile long airstrip, jet wash stations, and room for aircrafts support vehicles and at least 15 regular cars, this Florida estate was built on the site of an old elephant sanctuary.

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