Steps to Take for Winter Safety

December 7, 2016

Winter is here for many of us and while the season is also full of joy and time spent with family, it can also be dangerous and freezing. We at Precision want to make sure you and your family are safe this winter so we have put together this blog of steps for making sure your garage door doesnít do anything dangerous this season. As the biggest machine in your home, it can be effected by the cold like anything else so it is important to maintain it.

To start, regular inspection and basic maintenance could save you a lot of hassle down the road. Make sure to be thorough and check that all moving parts are working smoothly. You can also test the function of your door by disconnecting the door from the opener system and attempting to open and close the door manually a few times. And when it starts to get very cold and snow begins to fall, always inspect the space under the garage door and clear out any snow or ice that has managed to sneak under the door or else the door might freeze shut to the ground.

The next step is make sure that all your moving parts are properly lubricated to make your doorís job of lifting and closing that much easier and to protect the parts from the harsh elements. We recommend finding a lubricant that is resistant to colder temperatures and wonít harden easily in the cold. Also keep in mind that metal shrinks in the cold so it is important to keep all metal parts lubricated and rust free, keeping them clean will help prevent any misalignment when your door operates in the harsher conditions.

Lastly, we always recommend making sure that your garage door is properly insulated. This isnít as important to safety but by insulating your door, you make it stronger and more durable and will help keep the cold out of the garage and out of your house this winter.

If anything does break or seems to be misaligned, it is important to call an expert right away and not try to fix the problem yourself. The parts of the door are carrying a lot of weight and can be dangerous if mishandled. Leave the repairs to the experts and keep yourself out of harm's way. If you need any repairs or replacements this winter, donít hesitate to call Precision Door today!

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